Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The joy of manifesting

My good friend Ellen and I have been reading a book called E-Squared, a series of experiments designed to demonstrate to readers that their thoughts can indeed affect the universe. In one experiment the reader is asked to think of something he really wants and demand that the universe deliver said object within 48 hours. I said "here goes nothing" and asked the universe for a GoSun Sport solar grill, which I've had my eye on for months.

This was on Friday, April 8th. Having put in my order, so to speak, I then went on the website and almost bought one. I entered all my information, including my credit card number, but then I said "hold on, buying it yourself doesn't count" and didn't click on the purchase button.

On Sunday April 10th I got together with a bunch of friends for a Yotam Ottolenghi dinner. For a few years now we've been doing potlucks where everyone brings something they made from an Ottolenghi cookbook. For the last couple of years these events coincided with my birthday. So after dinner there was a cake, and presents. After I opened the handful that were by my plate (wondering whether some of my friends were mad at me for some reason), suddenly there was a large box being handed to me. I immediately recognized the shape. It was ... drum roll please ... a GoSun Sport grill!

Unbelievable. The universe delivered it within 48 hours.

Now here comes the punch line. On Monday I got an e-transfer from my sister in a very odd amount. Usually when someone sends you money for your birthday, it's an even amount, like fifty or a hundred dollars. This was in dollars and cents. So I phoned my sister to thank her and asked why it was such an odd amount. She replied "it's for half of one of those GoSun things you keep going on about, converted into Canadian dollars."

So within 72 hours the universe delivered one and a half GoSun Sport solar grills. It certainly can't be said not to have a sense of humour.

My friend Ellen didn't get the trip to Germany she asked for, but nobody knew that she wanted to go to Germany. So my conclusion is that in order to get what you ask for from the universe within 48 hours, it helps to have nattered on about it to people for months, and it also helps to have a birthday (and good friends and a sister who loves you).